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  • **TO ALL PARENTS /GUARDIANS : Please submit your child's Emergency Contact --Blue Card**

    Emergency Blue Cards are given out each year to students to be filled out by you and sent back to the school.  Blue cards are to be updated YEARLY.

    It is extremely important that the school has the current, correct information for contacting parents or guardians  at all times - especially during the school day.   It is the responsibility of Parent/Guardian to see that the Blue Emergency Contact Card, which is kept on file in the main office, is completely filled out and accurate. Please notify the school in writing of any changes that may occur, so that we can update official Department of Education forms and databases.

    If your child becomes ill or it is necessary to close school early due to an unforeseen emergency, we will use the Blue Emergency Card contact information to contact you.   It is extremely important that we have ALL  CURRENT phone numbers written clearly on the cards.

    If you have family members or friends listed as emergency contacts please be sure that those adults you list on the Emergency Card know that they have been listed.

    If there is a significant change (i.e. an address or name change) please contact Ms. McRae, Pupil Acct. Secretary @ (718) 206 -3240 x1013 to have this information updated in the NYC department of Education database.  You will need to bring in proof of address for any address changes.

    Thank you for your cooperation,


    P.S./I.S. 268 Q

SONYC Middle School Afterschool Program

In 2014 PS/IS 268 partnered with the YWCA of Queens to provide a FREE comprehensive after school program for its middle school students, grades 6-8.  The program is funded by the Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD) and is called  School's Out NYC or SONYC.  The SONYC  after school program offers physical activities such as basketball (girls and  boys teams), Step, soccer,and martial arts, and  Arts activities like dance, music, theater, and fashion.  It  also offers weekly hands-on project based STEM and literacy activities such as engineering, science lab, creative writing and journalism.  The program starts out with snack time, and includes daily homework help time, as well as periods of special tutoring for city-wide Math and ELA exams, and for the Math regents.

SONYC programs begins each day at 2:45 PM to 6:00 PM, Monday thru Friday;  September thru June.  It is open to all MIDDLE SCHOOL students from PS/IS 268 only.  Trips, Basketball games, and other activities are sometimes offered on weekends and on days that public schools are closed.  

In 2017 the SONYC program hosted its first summer camp with the YWCA of Queens.  This program ran for 5 weeks, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  It offered many of the same activities that are given during the school year, in addition to weekly trips and outdoor activities.

To enroll your child in the SONYC after school program or the summer camp please obtain an enrollment form from the main office or room 204 in PS/IS 268.  For more information please call (718) 206-3240, ext. 2041 or email the Program Director,  Bruni Torras at btorras@ywcaqueens.org.


For information on the YWCA of Queens

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