In 2016 the YWCA of Queens partnered with PS/IS 268 to deliver the College Access for All program, a new Department of Education initiative, to all 7th graders at the school. Through this program we supported the school in taking all the 7th graders on two college visits,  where they attended a College Day and a Career Day hosted by the College. Students received information about making high school choices, and were able to attend a series of 10 college awareness workshops aimed at dispelling myths about college and helping them to start to plan for going to college after high school. In addition, all 7th graders got a College Access for All  backpack and t-shirt.

Each year, at least one of the college trips will be to a City University of New York.   This year,  we are planning to charter a  bus to visit 1 or 2 campuses outside NYC.  Parents of 7th grade students are encouraged to get involved with this program!  You can volunteer to be a chaperone on one of the college trips, or  you may volunteer at our College Day and/or Career Day event to talk  about your experiences in college, or in your career.  We encourage parents to support our program by being present at the Parent College Awareness evening to be held. 

Please look out for our flyers and notices for this event.